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We promote interoperability and collaboration between different science and research communities.

Our Goal: to raise awareness on climate change and serve as a central point for sharing knowledge and resources


Possibility of publishing and retrieving resources, centralized access to relevant meta-information, on the fly preview of NetCDF files and the possibility to create subsets of large NetCDF files.

Quick Help

For any questions regarding the Data Centre or access and use of the Data Server, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Tuesday, 11. September 2018

New Feature: Individual Baskets!

The new release for data.ccca provides a new powerful tool: Baskets

Baskets allow you to memorize and group datasets according to your individual preferences. This individual data collection can be made available in predefined groups, where you can share your data and working collaborative with your team. Coming soon, we will provide further special features for your basket like export to your ftp- home directory.

Baskets are accessible for logged in users via the status line (compare

Have fun and let us know your impressions.