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We promote interoperability and collaboration between different science and research communities.

Our Goal: to raise awareness on climate change and serve as a central point for sharing knowledge and resources


Possibility of publishing and retrieving resources, centralized access to relevant meta-information, on the fly preview of NetCDF files and the possibility to create subsets of large NetCDF files.

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For any questions regarding the Data Centre or access and use of the Data Server, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Thursday, 12. April 2018

Dynamic Data Citation and Subset tool developed by CCCA Data Centre were presented at EGU 2018 in Vienna and at the RDA Plenary in Berlin. The oral presentation at EGU was held within the Future Shock Session: Evolving Earth Science Data and Information Systems across the entire research lifecycle. In Berlin we presented our web based tool successfully as a first comprehensive implementation for Dynamic Data Citation. Citing datasets in an appropriate manner is recognised as good scientific practice. Dealing with the original source as part of the provenance within the data life cycle is an essential basis for research data to carry out verification and reproducibility. To establish a reproducibly of data processes and their re- use, researchers need the ability to identify the exact version of a data set used. The Dynamic Data Citation is used for creating subsets.