Citation and Identification


If you use data downloaded from the CCCA Data Server, we strongly encourage citing this work as any other scientific research, with respect to resource authors and people in charge, even if the data license does not specifically demand you to do so.

Resource packages and data stored within this data server in general are the result of hard work and dedication of the authors, collaborators and the CCCA Data Centre staff. Some of these resources are individual long-term work of researchers, while some belong to important institutions. With citation of used data, we are able to keep track of the significance of this research and work, to estimate the importance of our role in the process. Furthermore, you encourage other community members to share their data without fear of later harm on their intellectual property rights.


Each resource uploaded to the data server is assigned with a unique Uniform Resource Locator, a type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), as a reference to a web resource location on a computer network along with a mechanism for retrieval of this resource. For upcoming development, Persistent Identifiers (PID) will be implemented.

Please use the appropriate URL in all citations.