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Thursday, 05. October 2017

  • Austrian PANGAEA data harvested- over 913 data files organised in 75 data packages were harvested The pangaea metadata profiles (ISO, OAI) were used and implemented for harvesting of Austrian data resources, especially glacier and permafrost informations

Tuesday, 26. September 2017

  • Categories published- for data resources and packages the metadata element "Topic Categories" was used for categorising data sets

Thursday, 29. June 2017

Thursday, 25. May 2017

  • Dynamic Data Citation- RDA Research Date Alliance Pilot completed
    • Dynamic Data Citation for big NetCDF files operational implemented Subsets of large files can be generated and provided with PID's dynamically, Query are therefore quotable, no redundant storage
    • registered as an ISO reference implementation

Saturday, 18. March 2017

  • Search functionalities enhancement- New search and filter functions
    • improvement and extensions of the CCCA search tool
    • Search and Filtering on Resource Level
  • Versioning- Versioning of data sets released
    • Version and the History of datasets implemented

Saturday, 25. February 2017

Sunday, 21. May 2017

  • Visualization- prototype of visualization released
  • on the fly WMS visualization of OeKS15 NetCDF data sets
  • no pre-processing necessary
  • 2D Graph of grid points

Friday, 06. January 2017

  • Registry of Research Data Repositories certified the CCCA Data Portal as research repository, following items, features were evaluated
    • dealing with PID (persistent identifier)
    • standardized Metadata and Mata information are available
    • Licenses are available
    • CCCA Data policy is available
    • Open Access

Wednesday, 28. December 2016

  • GEOCLIM- Within the scope of GEOCLIM, the existing data centres of the EODC (Earth Observation Data Cent re) and the Data Centre of Climate Change Center Austria (CCCA-DC) awill be further expanded, integrated and con nected to the high-performance computers of the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC). This collaboration creates int ernationally competitive computing and storage capacity for monitoring and modelling of ecosystems, climate, atm osphere, water balance and land surface. Start Spring 2017.

Thursday, 01. December 2016

  • CCCA Data Centre online, the operational Service of CCCA Data Portal was released
    • research data sets can be published and shared,
    • Metadata description are ISO 19119 compliant, INSPIRE MD Profile mapping available
    • High Resolution Austrian Climate Scenarios OeKS15 are available
    • With the new Gallery function, Views, Pictures etc. can be grouped and made avavailable at first glance
    • hdl (handle register) was used for a unique and persistent identifier